@PipetteCom It would be a great test of our self-discipline. If we ate them all in an hour, we would not watch the "mitosis" happen! Wednesday Apr 16 - 7:19pm
RT @PipetteCom: @cyphergenomics how long do you think these would last in ur office? RT @AsapSCIENCE: Mitosis, explained with donuts. http:… Wednesday Apr 16 - 3:32pm
@PipetteCom @AsapSCIENCE 1 day. Would give 1 day to watch it "split", then we'd eat them all. Wednesday Apr 16 - 3:32pm
With #genome #sequencing as low as $1,000 more is being done. ? is: who should have access to that data? @FoxBusiness http://t.co/tMW3Dv9s64 Wednesday Apr 16 - 3:00pm
RT @JoeBabaian: 2 kids w/mutation in the gene encoding MOGS found to be immune to many viruses inc flu, herpes, hep C, HIV #Genetics http:/… Wednesday Apr 16 - 1:12pm

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